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Why blog?


I was recently tasked with choosing a tool for use in a graduate class that I’m taking. I could have chosen nearly any web tool. I looked specifically at learning management systems and at blogs, and ended up choosing to use a blog. I decided to use a blog because I feel that a learning management system is mainly a place for a teacher to post resources and assignments for students (Mbuva, 2014). While the students can contribute content in the sense of uploading assignments or even participating in a classroom discussion board, a learning management system is not primarily a place for students to exhibit or share their work. A blog on the other hand, is well suited to sharing a student’s work. Garcia, Elbeltagi, Brown, and Dungay (2015), Kovalik et al. (2014), and Quesenberry et al. (2014) all give examples of a blog being used by students to share their work and comment on others’ work. Since the thing I want to do is share my work and the things I discover in my studies and elsewhere both with my instructor and classmates and with the wider instructional design community, I decided on a blog.


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