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More Musings about What I’m Doing


In the next few weeks I will be creating a technology guide in which I look into the various Web 2.0 technologies that are available for distance learning. I will talk about tools such as wikis, blogs, and postcasts, the use of social media in collaborative learning mobile, learning, and of particular interest to me, online videos and gaming for learning. I will post my writings about these different tools on this blog.

The audience for this blog is instructional designers who work in a corporate setting. This blog will address the different tools they can use to enhance the online training that they offer. In their study of academic blogs, Mewburn and Thomson (2013) found that most bloggers write for people who are like themselves. I guess I’m not what I would call an academic blogger, I am like the bloggers they studied in this respect. I’m writing this blog for people like me who are tasked with developing training and could benefit from implementing Web 2.0 tools. I know in my work we’ve been doing training that is essentially voice over PowerPoint for years. With technology changing so rapidly and the many tools that are available, it’s time to look to the future and change the way we do training.

Because this blog is about education generally, but is focused more specifically on training within a corporate environment, the theme of this blog and the images that I use to portray the theme have to do with using technology to train adults. I like to purchase stock photos from They have a good selection of photos at a low cost. I use this site both in my training development at work and in my current graduate studies.


Mewburn, I., & Thomson, P. (2013). Why do academics blog? An analysis of audiences, purposes and challenges. Studies in Higher Education, 38(8), 1105-1119.


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